Choosing a Tutor in Preparation for Exams

Exam time can be a stressful period for everyone involved. If your child needs extra help in a particular subject, of course, you may be thinking of hiring a tutor to get them through or improve their grades. This is a good idea but choosing the right person can also...

Top Tips on Helping Your Child With Their Homework

Once children start school, parents have to consider the prospect of homework. While this can be an exciting time as your child begins to learn new things, it can also be pretty challenging. Children can be enthusiastic or resistant to homework depending on their...

School Communication Barriers

As a company that helps schools communicate better in this brilliant technological age, working to bring down barriers is one thing that we’re particularly focused on at Parentapps. Most teachers and heads of school understand that good communication and involvement...

Parent’s Evening: Questions to Ask Teachers

One of the most important times that mums and dads get to meet teachers is during a parent’s evening. While these can be useful to understand how your child is doing in specific subjects and whether there are any problems, they can be quite hectic. Going in prepared...

Help with Pupil Premium

Since the launch of the Universal Infant Free School Meal Policy, schools have struggled to get parents to register for Pupil Premium because there is no longer the same incentive for parents to do so. Whilst the increase in children receiving school meals is fantastic…

How Surveys Can Help Improve Parental Engagement

The Surveys feature of Parentapps Connect, provides schools and nurseries with an easy way to find out what is and isn’t working when it comes to parental engagement. And, because you can choose whether to send them to the whole school, particular year groups, or…

How your school’s app can help with phonics

Now that Spring has begun, it will soon be time to start preparing your pupils for the Phonics Key Stage 1 Screening Check. Many children could benefit from having extra phonics help at home. And, many parents would be more than happy to work with their children in…

How an app can help improve safeguarding

Safeguarding is one of the biggest areas of concern for any nursery or school today. And, as parental engagement specialists, it is something that we take into great consideration when building our communication apps. A secure parental communication app can help put…

The Benefits of Having a Nursery App

If you want to build better engagement and keep your current parents up to date with the latest developments, you should consider a dedicated communication app for your nursery.
Increasingly, organisations are choosing to create their own apps to complement their…

Why Should Your School Have a Dedicated App?

Apps are everywhere. Collectively we download billions of them to our mobile phones and tablets each year. We do our weekly food shops, book flights and bank all from apps on our mobile devices.
But is a dedicated app suitable for your school? Can it deliver better…

School Appz is a seamless package of apps for Chairman/ Principal or Administration HeadOffering digital integrated mobile solutions for Teachers (Teacher Touch App) , Parents (Parent Touch App) respectively and School Appz -Visitor.

SCHOOL HUB is a comprehensive online ERP solution for schools to meet the entirerequirements of an educational Institute. It is a comprehensive,integrated School ManagementSoftware(SMS) designed and developed by.Generic software.

Website solutions are our quality dynamic website delivery which matches with the school aptly designed, best presented and optimized for better and top-class visitor experience.School can images and text directly at their own without any technical help.


Integrations Enabled


Latest technological Products

We have the latest technologies software platform that do nat android and ios base mobile apps.

These product being the school and parents on the some page over all development of the student and inclusive over all growth of the children can be plance & achieved by using our product

Cost Effecting & Time Saving Solution

School Hub & SchoolAppz are blended in the best possible manner. These each solutions compliments the other in such as way that it saves time & replicates the work done.

These ready to the platform are user friendly thise makes the communication easy sample cost saving you save your mony by using our solutions

Automated Fee Reminders & Digital Fee Receipts

You can relax by using our product as it makes the fee pending process automated.

Digital fee receipts are generated & sent are parent app touch app & digital it makes the process error fee elimininates the manual inter vecations

Highest Parents Engagement & Better Relations

Students overall development in a collective & coutinues & ongoing process.

The school & parents need to have seemaless & countinues continuous communication achieve this long goal the parent & school engagement are increased by estabilishing 2 way communication channel by our product solution.


Save Time & Money

Parentapps can help save schools thousands of pounds a year by replacing expensive text messaging services and reducing printing costs by enabling schools and nurseries to communicate with parents directly through our bespoke apps and websites.

Not only do our communication apps save schools and nurseries money but they also can save you time by bringing all of your communication methods into one easy to use platform. We pride ourselves on making it easy to communicate with parents through our custom apps and websites which have been designed with usability in mind. Schools and nurseries can spend dozens of hours every week communicating with parents and updating their websites, but with our easy to use websites and apps you can save time and focus on what really matters.

Improve Parental Engagement

As education professionals, you know the critical role parental engagement plays in improving outcomes for children, but undoubtedly also know the challenges faced when trying to effectively engage with parents today. A successful parental communication method needs to be easy for parents and schools to use and engaging enough for parents to continue to use it.

Parentapps has helped hundreds of schools across the UK and abroad improve their parental engagement through our easy to use bespoke apps.  And, through our mobile communication platform, Parentapps Connect, we can ensure that you are able to communicate with 100% of parents, 100% of the time with engaging and useful content such as individually targeted messages, consent forms, and term dates!

Improve Safeguarding

Our secure parental communication app, Parentapps Connect, can help put in place additional safeguarding measures at schools and nurseries. By utilising Parentapps Connect to communicate with parents you have the ability to limit the access of important information to only those people who have been invited by the school or nursery. This could be anything from a consent form that shares details about the timing and location of a class trip or a letter containing the child’s address at the top.

Additionally, by moving away from paper and sending these documents through the app, you can ensure that only the intended recipient is viewing this sensitive information. Also, if you become aware of a safeguarding issue you have the ability to temporarily deactivate or remove a user.

Go Paperless

Parentapps Connect allows you to send all your newsletters and forms electronically through the app, enabling schools and nurseries to make their communication methods more sustainable by reducing the amount of paper being sent out. Going paperless not only sets a great example for your students and community, but also saves schools money previously spent on printing costs. Additionally, sending communications electronically can be better from a data protection standpoint as it allows you to track who has seen the information you are sending and is more secure than a stack of papers, that could be seen by anyone.

Accessibility Devices & Same Time Information System

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"We are incredibly happy to select our school management software for the first time with Fedena and their support from the very first day till now is awesome."